Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just a quick response to Simon's post on March 7th talking about us "johnny-come-lately" plebs who are filling up the internet. Surely the blog revolution is a great thing? Now anyone can make their voice heard, not just the people with their own servers and/or knowledge of HTML. Sorry for going all left-wing, but doesn't free speech for all mean that you can speak rubbish and spell it badly if you want to? Without Blogger and its ilk, we would not have been able to read such diverse things as:

Death row blog
Hamburger blog
Police chief blog
Post secret
Overheard in New York
NHS Doctor blog
And, of course, MC Hammer's blog

I could go on. That was just blogs though: MySpace, whilst being a home for American teenagers, has allowed bands to get music to fans without going through a record label. Would the Arctic Monkeys have been signed without it? At least partly due to MySpace, they had a number 1 single (selling over 300,000 copies) and number 1 album (the fastest selling British album of all time, 1 million copies and counting). Sure, there might be a lot of crap filling up the internet, but it has allowed people to get closer (and the world to get smaller) than ever before.

On the blogging software: would you open a ring-pull can of beans with a can opener just because that is the way that it was always done? If the tools are there to make things easier, then why not use them? I put the line breaks in this post using html, but used the software to add the links. Why? Because it saved me time.

That's my two cents. Back to service as normal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All a very good argument, Justin. I don't oppose the expansion of webpublishing to "normal people" at all, and it's good that such an easy and useful resource is being used by more and more people. MC Hammer's blog is, for example, something I will have to come back to!

I guess I was just wallowing in a bit of self-righteousness at the meticulous way in which I publish mine... it surely demands more attention and love than most processes!

12:11 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

Or it allows you to concentrate your love and passion on to the content rather than the action of publishing it. Granted, it does make it easier for half-arsed people who would just give up if there was any real effort involved. Me, for example.

12:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think free speech is vastly over-rated.

12:03 pm  

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