Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Summer blockbuster preview

From the Onion AV Club. This article is a frank look at some of the upcoming summer films:

X-Men 3:

Why it's probably a waste of time: Four words: "Directed by Brett Ratner." No wait, six more words: "With Kelsey Grammer as The Beast."

Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties:

Why it's probably a waste of time: As the sequel to the abysmal adaptation of a mediocre comic strip, A Tail Of Two Kitties is several generations removed from anything even resembling quality.

Snakes On A Plane:

Why it might be worth seeing anyway: After the film developed an eager following online, New Line filmed extra scenes reportedly featuring more nudity, more death, more of Jackson ranting about the motherfucking snakes he wants off his motherfucking plane, and unsurprisingly, more snakes. What about that doesn't sound promising?

via Kottke


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