Wednesday, June 21, 2006

World Cup

I'm off to Germany to catch a couple of WC matches: Korea vs Switzerland and 1st G vs 2nd H (Monday night at 8). The Korea fans looked completely mental against France, so it should be fun. Back on Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup look-alike

Jar-Jar Binks:


Peter Crouch is tall

Really tall. Here is a photo of him and Shaun Wright-Phillips being substituted for each other. Whoah.


Postsecret is an amazing site that I have been reading for ages. People send in postcards with anonymous confessions or secrets to a PO box. They then scan and upload the best. There are a wide range of subjects, but the recent ones have concentrated on fathers due to the father's day weekend.

South Park memo

This memo between South Park co-creator Matt Stone and the MPAA (who pass/censor films in America) during the making of South Park: The Movie is hilarious. Highlights include "We left in the scenes with Cartman's mom and the horse as per our conversation. This is one joke we really want to fight for" and "PS this is my favourite memo ever". Via look at this.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Argentina goal

This world cup has been fantastic so far. Here is the best goal of the many scored already.

How Brazilian football players get their names

An interesting article on how they get those one-name nicknames. When Ronaldo retires, will Ronaldinho become Ronaldo? Via kottke.

Cat food

Protestors force Chinese cat meat restaurant to close. Cat and dog meat is traditional food in Shenzhen, but these protestors did not like it: a search of the kitchen revealed cat meat and a whole, skinned cat in the fridge, which reduced some of the protestors to tears. The protest was because workers at the restaurant had been seen killing cats in the street, something which concerned parents said was traumatic for children attending school nearby. Nice.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Powers of ten

This is an excellent film that gives you an idea of how small we really are, zooming out by an order of magnitude every few seconds.

Hitler cats

Another one of those "some people" posts: cats that look like Hitler. Via look at this.

Friday movie

The Last Crusade

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bergkamp goal

To continue football month, here is Bergkamp's goal in the 1998 WC quarter final against Argentina, widely thought of as one of the best WC goals ever.


It's a well established fact by now that Scientology is weird and creepy. So here is a list of weird and creepy famous scientologists,and below it is a list of pepole who have given up being weird and creepy. Leonard Cohen, Charles Manson, Ricky Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Oliver Stone and Patrick Swayze have all renounced it.

Unofficial Football World Championship

You know those football conversations that everyone has down the pub: club y beat club x, and club z beat club y, so club Z is better? Well, someone took this idea to its logical extreme: the unofficial football world championship. Starting with the first ever international match (England versus Scotland in 1872), they created a "boxing-style" title which the winner keeps, and defends every time they play. If you win, you keep it. If you lose, it goes to the team that beats you. Great idea. The current holders are Uruguay, who took the title from Romania earlier this year. Scotland are the all-time champions, having won 85 title matches. Thanks for finding this Niall.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Roberto Carlos free kick

This will be Bobby Charles' last world cup. Remember when he could do things like this?

Football trivia

Which international player scored ten goals in his native country before being signed by a top Premiership side but only netted once after his arrival? He was then sold on to another European side where he failed to score at all (although he did get one for his country during his spell at this club) before being purchased by a different Premiership side where he only managed to find the net once. He was then off-loaded to his third English team, where he failed to score at all. Who is he?

Answer here.


I watch stuff reports that names have already been registered for a sequel to the obviously-will-be-amazing Snakes on a Plane. These include:

Snakes on a Boat
Snakes on a Train
Snakes on a Plane 2
More Snakes on a Plane
Snakes in Space

Snakes in Space. How right does that sound? Hint: the answer is very.

Holier than thou?

I was reading a Christian forum today (if you must know why, it was because I was looking at this amusing debate on gravity pointed out by kottke), and noticed that the church seems to have some kind of "frequent flier" programme going on where you get more blessings if you give them money. Maybe some other religions should get in on the act and offer free blessings. That's how to do conversions: "1 million free blessings if you click here!!!!11!!".

Reading back, this post was an awfully hard way to say "read the funny gravity debate", wasn't it?.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup 2002 goals

Well, the world cup has been excellent so far and may well turn out to be a classic. Here's a video of the best 10 goals of the 2002 World Cup.

How high do you go?

Back from the GP (very hot and LOUD), and hopefully I'll have some pictures up later in the week. Anyway, this article is truly fascinating. Human beings can hear sound in the range 20Hz to 20,000Hz, but this range decreases with age. Someone thought that the high end of the range (which most adults can not hear) could be used as a "child repellant". The article includes sounds in the range 10,000Hz to 25,000Hz, so that you can see where your limit is. The 15,000 limit was very divisive, with many of my colleagues thinking that it was all a hoax and that we were pretending to hear something.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I'm off to the British GP at Silverstone this weekend. I'll hopefully have some photos next week. The big red arrow above points to my seat on raceday (it's the final corner on the track).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RoboCrouch II

This RoboCrouch thing has caught many people's imagination. There are hundreds of videos of his dancing and people trying to copy him on Youtube. This one of a bunch of car factory workers copying him is an example.

Baby's first chemical hazard suit

Incredible what paranoid parents can be conned into buying. Read the original engadget article here, or buy one here (only £395.00).

Shakespeare cliches

A list of 100 everyday expressions or cliches coined by the big WS. Incredible. He came up with "good riddance", "what the dickens", "too much of a good thing", "eye-sore", "elbow room" and many, many more. Via kottke.

0 a day

A story about 5 Aberdeen brothers who have managed to live for a total of 424 years without eating vegetables. One is quoted as liking "meat, fish and haggis".

Monday, June 05, 2006

Best World Cup goals

4 days to go...

How to order wine without looking like an asshole

From a favourite blog of mine, Waiterrant, comes this interesting article on ordering wine without looking like a pretentious fool. Includes the excellent tip to not sniff the cork, because all you will smell is cork...

Largest cities through history

A list of the largest cities since recods began. Starts with Memphis (Egypt) in 3500BC with over 30,000, Baghdad is the first to hit a million, and is currently Tokyo with 23 million or more. Via kottke.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Churchill quotes

Was there anyone more quotable? Lots of his quotes here and here. My favourite is his response to a woman calling him a drunk: "This may be well and true, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly". What a man. I also like his response to Lady Nancy Aster saying she would poison his tea if she were his wife: "Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it".

Body facts

Things you didn't know about your body. Gulping water is better than sipping it.

Friday movie

The Temple of Doom

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cats dressed like Star Trek characters

Some people are "interesting". These are excellent, keep scrolling down.

Let them sing it for you

This site has been forgotten at the bottom of my bookmarks for a while now, but is great. You type some test in, and let them sing it for you plays it back using snippets of popular music. Excellent stuff. Some phrases work better than others.

Coma mix-up

This story has it all: tragic accident kills students, with one of them looking freakishly similar to one of the survivors, who ends up in a coma. The dead girl is misidentified and buried at a funeral with over 1,500 attending. Only after the other one wakes up does it gradually become clear that there has been a horrible mix-up. If this does not become a Hollywood film, I will eat a hat or something similaly inedible. Read the full strory here.

Worst beers in the world

The 50 worst beers in the world. Michelob Ultra is at number 7, and for some reason Diamond White cider sneaks in at 24. Via look at this.

Top 10 passwords

A list of the top 10 most common passwords. These make up almost 2% of all passwords. About 7 people in a thousand use either "123" or "password", and "liverpool" are a popular enough team to be one in 550 people's password. Via arbroath.