Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dr Who?

Gillian McKeith is a TV presenter, with various programmes about healthy eating and nutrition. She was even called Dr. Gillian Mckeith for a while, until it was noted that she had a false qualification. She has kept her shows, using them to peddle her false science and nutritional supplements. Not on some small satellite channel, but on Channel 4 with millions of viewers. She is basically an arsehole of the highest order. I should stop now, because once I get started on her I find it difficult to stop.

Gillian Mckeith on Wikipedia.

Some notes on Gillian McKeith: research on her lies and omissions.

Gillian McKeith on badscience. The Guardian science columnist Ben Goldacre also has it in for her, and this is an archive of him tearing her apart.

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