Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm not a racist, but...

Britain seems to be emerging from the racist furore that has surrounded the current series of Celebrity Big Brother. Jade Goody still seems to be public enemy number one, though.

The show has had the positive effect of initiating a massive debate on racism in the UK, and I get the feeling that things have moved forward a lot, even in the last decade.

Of course, it gave the newspapers a chance to moralise and pontificate, with the Sun pulling off a bit of a classic on Monday. Near the front of the paper they attack Jade Goody for her apparent racism, then a few pages further in refer to a top snooker player from China as "pot noodle" throughout an article. Full details here.

Anyway, the point of this post was to draw attention to the fact that, as far as biology is concerned, race is an irrelevant subject. This article nicely sums up what scientists and right-thinkers know: the differences between people are more than skin-deep. There is more genetic variation within local populations than there is between populations across the world; your "geographic genetics" are far more important than things such as outward appearance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite right.

I remember reading somewhere that the Palestinians are actually racially closer to the Jews/Israelites of Biblical times than today's Israelis are. This is seemingly because they (the Palestinians) have been in that same area the whole time for thousands of years, while many Jews have been across the globe for centuries, picking up bits of genetic stuff from all over the place.

Ironic, really.

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