Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Music videos 14

74 Aphex Twin: “Come to Daddy”
This one is undoubtedly in my top five music videos ever. The video for Aphex Twin's industrial death n' bass hit was directed by the awesome Chris Cunningham (more from him later). Eerie urban horror? Check. Creepily-masked children? Check. Demon? Check. Demon screaming directly into the face of a geriatric woman? Check. Guest rap from Peter Andre? Not quite...

73 Bjork: “It’s Oh So Quiet”
Whether you love or hate the song, the video is tremendously influential (including that Frosties advert with the kid that didn't kill himself). The first of a few from Spike Jonze in the chart, it fits the song snugly. And it has dancing chimneys.

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