Thursday, January 04, 2007

Music Videos 1

On a more pleasing musical note, here is the first in a long series of posts with the top 100 music videos, as chosen by Stylus Magazine. It gets really good once it hits the top 50 (about a month if I post 2 a day). The first 2 are an interesting start, but not a patch on some of the later ones.

100 The Geto Boys: “Mind Playing Tricks on Me”
An antidote to the usual hip hop cliches, this video has a gangster worrying about being shot, rather than saying that he is ace at sex and shoots people.

99 Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre & Queen Pen: “No Diggity”
This is more like what you would expect! Dr. Dre looking dodgy and rubbish dungarees. Those puppets are a bit creepy, though.

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