Saturday, February 17, 2007


My friend Claire has started a blog, on which she is going to publish her photos. She has the daily ordeal of coping with Mark, so it's only right that you should go and view her photos: this will help her become a rich and famous photographer, allowing her to leave Mark behind with the little people*. There are 2 major drawbacks to Claire's site: firstly, it is outrageously pink and may cause seizures, and secondly, Claire is French. This means that the blog will be dripping with bad attitude and will call a strike at any given opportunity. Thank goodness the web does not transmit smells yet.

*Mark is not a little person, nor do I think that Claire has anything in particular against dwarves. I meant "mere mortals". The last thing Claire needs is the Dwarf Liberation Front after her for discrimination.

PS now directs here.


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