Monday, February 19, 2007

Infrequent moderate boxing violence

This post is rated PG for moderate sarcasm.

The title above refers to the warning that accompanied Rocky Balboa. The poster that I saw at the cinema the other night, combined with a comment from Simon, set my mind a-thinking and my fingers a-googling. Here's an article describing how the warnings are composed, and warning that "mild peril" is in danger of being disused. And here is a blog that I will certainly be bookmarking, which collects all the excellent warnings. The author has similar thoughts to me regarding the Becoming Jane poster, declaring it the best since Twister offered "intense depiction of very bad weather". Nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant - have bunged the Mild Peril blog on my feed. Loved the warning about scenes of sheep skinning!

10:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the link! Got to spread those warnings.

9:35 am  

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