Monday, February 19, 2007

Music videos 27

48 Nirvana: “Heart-Shaped Box”
This is a perfect example of Nirvana completely passing me by. I just don't get them or this. I suppose the colours are quite nice...

47 Fatboy Slim – “Weapon of Choice”
Christopher Walken dances + Christopher Walken flies + Fatboy Slim + Spike Jonze. What's not to like? This is widely regarded as an all-time classic, with good reason. Good stuff.

There's a Michel Gondry video next time.

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Blogger Jenny said...

You've inspired me to listen to some Nirvana tonight. Maybe the reason why you don't get Nirvana is because you weren't a high schooler in America during the grunge time period?

11:41 pm  

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