Friday, February 16, 2007

"Step away from tbe bike"

I love the original Wicker Man: it's easily the best horror film that I have ever seen, and probably in my top 20 films. The brooding atmosphere and pagan imagery are wonderful, as is the cinematography of the iconic final scenes.

I disclose this information because it adds weight when I say that I loved the Nicholas Cage remake that was released last year. Not because it is a masterpiece, which it most certainly isn't, but because it features some of the best unintentional comedy that I have ever seen. Watch in amazement as Nicholas Cage (whose acting is dialed up to the unbearable 9/10 on the "Cage scale") chases down the "baddie" whilst wearing bear feet and trying to get a signal on his mobile! Feel your chin hit the ground as he repeatedly hits women (the director clearly has a massive, massive problem with females)! Giggle as he runs away from bees (yes, those flying insects that wear stripy jumpers) in sheer terror! Actually, you can, as a like-minded soul has made a "best of the Wicker Man" video for our viewing pleasure:

I swear that I am being serious when I say that I have not had many better experiences at the cinema. I laughed continuously for at least 10 minutes after he kicked the woman into the pictures. Crazy misogynistic director Neil LaBute, I salute you!

PS never direct again, please.


Blogger Mark said...

AArrrggghhh....Not the bees....not the bees!
I agree. A masterpiece. If only something like that would happen to Cage in real life! Actually, that makes me sound a little cruel, and I'm totally not like that.

11:49 am  
Blogger swishfish said...

You are so totally not, dude.

12:09 pm  

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