Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've not been overly impressed with the films that I have seen in recent months, Hot Fuzz excepted. The AV club re-assures me with its list of the key upcoming films of 2007. I'm particularly looking forward to Pixar's Ratatouille (as an aside, Firefox is making culinary suggestions by offering bouillabaisse as a correction for that), Danny Boyle's Sunshine, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Golden Compass (from the book originally known as Northern Lights to us Brits), and (please, please don't let it be rubbish) the Simpsons Movie.

The film that looks most interesting to me is Be Kind Rewind. A Michel Gondry film starring Jack Black, the synopsis says it all:

A man whose brain becomes magnetized unintentionally destroys every tape in his friend's video store. In order to satisfy the store's most loyal renter, an aging woman with signs of dementia, the two men set out to remake the lost films, which include Back to the Future, The Lion King, and Robocop.

That sounds like it should be utterly brilliant. I can't wait for it.

P.s. Looking for the popcorn picture reminded me of a time when I was at the cinema with Simon. I offered him some of my popcorn, which he turned down when hearing it was sweet, proclaiming that he only liked "salty cockporn". Spoonerism at its best.

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