Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clash of the titans

Many people will know that Scotland take on Italy in an important Euro 2008 qualifying match tomorrow. But how many people know that the match is for the Unofficial Football World Championship?

Some bright spark had the idea of tracing football all the way back to the first international match, and christening the winner the unofficial world champions. After then, you get a point if you win your next match, or pass the title on if you lose. Scotland are actually the all-time leaders, with 86 points, followed by England on 74 and Argentina on 50.

Zimbabwe held the title for much of 2005, but it moved around a bit and was eventually won off Turkey by Georgia. Scotland's win over Georgia last weekend brought the title home for the first time in 40 years.

This gives the already crucial game on Saturday an extra edge: it is the unofficial world champions against the World Cup holders. This is potentially Scotland's biggest match ever...

P.s. the photo is of our glorious Kirin Cup win last year.

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