Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music videos 39

24 Madonna: “Like a Prayer”
It's difficult to think of the Madonna of today and remember her at the height of her powers. Well here it is. The song is excellent, the video does its job of being controversial very nicely, and she sure does look good. The gospel choir is good stuff as well.

23 DJ Shadow: “Six Days”
DJ Shadow's lovely, slinky, song is given a lovely, slinky, video by Hong Kong legend Wong Kar-Wan (of Chungking Express fame). It's chock-full of visual flair and certainly fits with the song perfectly.

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Blogger Jenny said...

It took me well over a minute to get your joke (which was about 80% lame and 20% funny). I sincerely didn't get it at first. First I thought to myself, "In the ocean? What could he possibly mean? Unless he means that the Isles of Great Britain are in the ocean... Or maybe he's making a slight at Wales saying that they're so inconsequential that they may as well be in the ocean." Imagine a few more lines like this until I finally realize that the joke is that "Wales" sounds like "whales." I may go to Princeton, but I suppose I can be fairly dense at times. Which is why I am continually stunned that they let me in this place. Clearly they didn't test my ability to recognize homophones before admitting me. Let's hope I can make it to graduation in May before they discover this inadequacy.

Also I think the whole Madonna Immaculate Collection is a great album. You just can't go wrong. (Whereas you can most definitely go wrong if you pick up Ray of Light.)

10:35 pm  
Blogger Danny said...

Like a prayer is my all time favourite Madonna track...never get tired of it, she is 'disco by numbers' these days

12:46 pm  

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