Thursday, April 19, 2007


Saving the world seems to be awfully cool at the moment. Google could help the planet and appeal to the goths at the same time by switching to a black colour-scheme. This could save $75,000-worth of energy each year by reducing the power needed to display the page on your monitor by 15 watts. It would loom rubbish though, so I don't think Google care that much. Plus the goths are dicks.

EDIT: after Jenny's comment I read the entire thread below the story, and it seems to be a load of bollocks. So stay white and guilt free, google. White power!



Blogger Jenny said...

I like this sentence on the end of one person's comment:

"You're article is thoughtful, but invalid."

The person (Shihan) proves him wrong, but is grammatically incorrect in his proof. Therefore his comment is valid, but unthoughtful.

1:13 am  

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