Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The end is nigh

Not of this (according to the review in the Times, "compelling") blog of course. I would never do that to you. I am only referring to the end of the world. This, as you might expect, has tempered my desire to post here slightly. That and the fact that Niall and I are in the midst of prime-period (series 5) Seinfeld in our crawl through the entire run of the show.

Anyway, back to the end of the world. That means my and your IMMINENT DEATH. I can't place a precise finger on what is causing this ongoing apocalypse, but here are some examples:

The Big Donor Show is a Dutch TV programme (from the creators of Big Brother)in which the viewers vote to select which of 3 patients receive the kidneys of a dying women. I don't think that I even need to have a rant about this one.

Potential Teletubbies ban in Poland. "A senior Polish official has ordered psychologists to investigate whether the popular BBC TV show Teletubbies promotes a homosexual lifestyle", because Tinky Winky, a male character, carries a woman’s handbag. Thank you Poland for pointing this out! I cant believe that all the other countries that have shown Teletubbies haven't tied it in to the massive number of gay 3-year-olds! For goodness sake. I know Eastern Europe is thought of as backward and small-minded, but this takes the biscuit. Do you really think that the children who watch this even notice the handbag? They are probably more focused on the fact that it is set in a fantasy world with an enslaved, semi-sentient, cyborg vacuum cleaner. Noo Noo is the real mind-fuck here...

Record company hypocrisy shocker. The record industry decries file sharing as detrimental to artists, yet a major label gives away a copy of an entire album with a Sunday Newspaper and the defense is that it actually increased sales of the album. Make your minds up guys, either free music does or does not impact on album sales. If free music is not necessarily a bad thing, then why does the delivery method matter? Without getting too deep, it just feels like the rights of the individual have evaporated over recent years, with powerful people and companies being given the chance to tell us what is best for us.

Add to all these the current media frenzy over a missing toddler (not that it’s not a tragedy, but 70,000 children go missing in this country every year) and we seem to be living in the chaotic apocalypse of the Chris Morris universe.

Or maybe the media and entertainment industry are just run by arseholes who can be sorted out by the military-industrial complex. Come on Gordon, send the tanks in to Channel 5 when you take power!


Blogger Jenny said...

I am not totally sure, but I think that show with the kidneys might be illegal here in the US. I am amazed that Dutch television would allow for this, but you Europeans are crazy boundary-pushers, so it all makes sense, really. :)

4:13 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

We do like boundary-pushing, but I'm sure that the programme would never go ahead here. When we push boundaries, it's usually for good or informative reasons.

For example, in the last couple of years there have been a series of programmes showing autopsies to educate about life and death.

4:58 pm  
Blogger Nev 360 said...

I actually think the kidney programme might be a good thing. Apparently the previous owner of the channel (maybe TV company) making it died from kidney failure after waiting for a donor. You can bet this will improve awareness and thus donation rates.

Is it Poland that has the right-wing tiwns in power? They're very odd. No wonder most of the country's youth are in Britain now.

I refuse to believe that 70,000 children go missing in the UK every year.

We're on season 4 of Seinfeld.

5:12 pm  
Blogger Jenny said...

Actually, those shows look really interesting to me, but that is because I have an interest in healthcare. I loved, for instance, working in the trauma room at the hospital last summer and seeing the doctors and nurses work on the patients that came in. I love blood and gore, but only real-life blood and gore. Weird, I know.

I'd love to get a job with an organ donor company (why is donor not donour, or is it?), but I don't think I'm qualified as of yet. When I was working at the hospital this last year I learned something that was surprising to me. I figured that anyone who died could donate organs but came to learn that you can donate organs and tissues only under very specific circumstances (ie, brain death). When I worked with families who had to decide whether to allow for their loved one's organs to be donated, most allowed for the donation. It was only the hispanic families with obtuse understandings of a full, bodily resurrection that people were not wanting to donate.

Niall, why do you think this will increase donor rates?

I love Seinfeld. I think my favorite episode is when Kramer gets an intern (Darren!) for his company Kramerica. I love that one.

5:33 pm  

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