Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona is my favourite footballer ever. I don't think that he's the best footballer that I've seen (that would have to be Henry or Bergkamp), but he was one cool footballer. The best way to sum him up is this video, of what is a great goal follwed by the best celebration ever seen:

That tells you everything that you need to know about the man. Collar upturned, he scored a goal that would make anyone else go wild in celebration. But not him: he simply turns around to survey his people, and raises his hands slightly while his team-mates arrive to pay homage. He's good, and he knows that he is. It says a lot about the esteem that he was held in here in the UK that he played for Manchester United (who many have an intense dislike for) and is French (enough said), but is still beloved by many, many people.

Sadly, it seems that he is not as big a hit at home as he was here. Speaking to French Claire at the pub last night, the French appear to think of him as a bit thick and arrogant. Niall made the fair point that if he was British we would have torn him to pieces for his antics and attitude: because he is French we tolerated, and even encouraged, him. Maybe one of our exports could have that impact abroad. Maybe Joey Barton will be a hit if he manages to escape our shores...

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