Monday, June 04, 2007


The London Olympics have revealed the official logo of the games, and boy is it pish:

It looks like it has been created a group of people striving to be "street" whilst actually being high up in their ivory towers as far away from the street as possible.

I have created an alternative logo which also embodies the spirit of the games, and reaches out to the youth:

I did think about adding MUTHAFUKA! in at the end, but that may have damaged their precious brand.

Oh, and the Faroe Islands are lovely, thanks for asking. Everything is at least twice as expensive as at home, and everything is on a hill (meaning that actual exersise is necessary), but apart from that it seems very nice. I have also found a reason not to eat whale meat: the one place offering it was charging £22 for the privilege. My natural stinginess will rule that one out. On a brighter note, stuffed puffins seem readily available.

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Blogger Jenny said...

That logo is pish...whatever pish means. I hope it means ugly because it's not an attractive logo at all. I didn't even pick up on the 2012 thing until I looked at your logo.

Your logo, by the way, would be better served if you did add MUTHAFUKA on the end of it. That, actually, really made me laugh. Did you use the font Sand to create the logo, or is that your handwriting using Paint or whatever? I hate that Sand font.

Glad that all is well in the Faroe Islands. Maybe I read Simon's blog incorrectly, but he said it wasn't expensive there and here you are saying that it is. Not quite sure what to make about that...

12:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest, Justin exaggerates slightly. Some things are more than twice as expensive (eg beer) but on the whole, most food, transport, and other stuff we've bought is the kind of prices you could imagine (reluctantly) paying at the upper end in Scotland.

So it's not quite as bad as simply being double the cost of Scotland.

2:43 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

Simon, maybe in Glasgow you will accept prices similar to those that we are paying, but I disagree with you. Things here ARE really expensive. Didn't you just pay £2 for an ice cream? True, some things are reasonable, but try and honestly say that you could go a week here and spend the same (or at the upper end of) as you would at home. I don't think so.

Jenny, good font geekery. I was flicking through the font book to look for one that looked urban, and that was the best there was. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't use it in a "normal" situation.

And by the way, pish = piss in Scottish vernacular. Pish means rubbish.

2:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things ARE expensive, no doubt. But it is not inconceivable, however, that you could pay twenty quid for a half day's boat tour, two quid for an ice cream, or £450 for a week's rent of a fully furnished and equipped apartment, in Scotland.

And a pound for a bottle of beer - admittedly from the official government off-licence (liquor store, Jenny) - or £7 for eat all you can buffets are examples of the more reasonable costs.

I'm not denying things are expensive, I'm just pointing out that it's not as outrageous as it could be.

2:56 pm  
Blogger Jenny said...

Regarding the Olympic logo, it occurs to me that all of the Olympic logos are pish. So, really, it's an apt logo, despite looking seriously retarded.

Regarding the costs for your holiday, it sounds like the upper end of costs for here. When you talk about £2 for an ice cream, what kind of ice cream are you talking about? Because here in Los Angeles, you could easily spend about $3.50-4 on a one-scoop ice cream (particularly if you go to Ben & Jerry's), although you could go somewhere where it might be $2.50-3.50. But it would, of course, be cheaper to get some ice cream from the grocery store and enjoy it at home.

Similarly if you were going to buy a bottle of beer (thanks for the translation, Simon), a bottle would probably cost about $3-4 (depending on the brand), which would roughly be about £2.

Granted, prices here in Los Angeles are a little bit higher than many other places in the nation (although not as expensive as New York)...but I suppose it does not sound totally outlandish to me. It does, however, sound like a holiday, which on default are expensive and par for the course because you are out somewhere you're not from, doing things you don't normally do.

4:31 pm  
Blogger Eileen said...

I LOVE your alternative logo. Why not establish the "Muthafuka 20 to the 12 Olympics"? You have close to 5 years to come up with events reflecting the name of the Olympics and similar time to lobby countries to donate "athletes".

Aberdeen could be the host city.

The torch could be run round Scotland before being brought to the stadium where it would light a piece of petrol soaked cloth in a bottle and be thrown into the Olympic flame by some ne'er do well.

Channel 4 would more than love the programme rights.

It requires a little more planning, I think

3:14 am  

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