Monday, July 02, 2007

Bore war

A bruised thumb is the only (publicly visible) evidence of my day’s paintballing on Saturday. It was a friend’s stag do, and pseudo-military violence was the main activity of the day. I have really enjoyed paintball the two times that I have done it, but this time was more of a masochistic pleasure. My team got gubbed 8-0; if it had been a real war, we would have taken the role of Zanzibar in the Anglo-Zanzibar war. An injection of young blood (i.e. a 14th birthday party) after lunch-time failed to rejuvenate our team, and the afternoon ended in dismal, humiliating failure. I even “killed” one of my own team-mates (sorry, Stan) at one point… At least I can drink competently, and that’s what we did in the evening, with no catastrophic errors as far as I can recall.

There was also a sad farewell this weekend. Not to Princess Diana, but to the music shop of our hearts: Fopp has closed down after expansion plans proved a bridge too far. This is a real shame, as on top of selling music, books, and films cheaply, the chain was a great place to discover new or obscure music at reasonable prices. The loss of Fopp is a real shame, as the only high street alternatives in Aberdeen are the corporate juggernauts of Virgin and HMV. Hopefully some kind of rescue deal can be arranged, not least for the sake of the staff who worked all of June only to be sacked without pay at the end of last week.

On a positive note, Die Hard 4.0 is out this week: I’m really looking forward to it, due to one of the best “dumb action movie” trailers that I’ve seen.


Blogger Jenny said...

Yippy-kay-ay, MF!

I actually worked at the Virgin Megastore here in Burbank when I was in high school. I thought I was so cool. psa

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