Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Democrat is an interesting word

Our governments may take a lot of stick for spin and half-truths, but GW has again proved that when it comes to corruption, anything you can do he can do better. He yesterday decided to spare Scooter Libby (the former chief-of-staff to his vice president) the 30-month jail sentence he was given for lying to a grand jury. That's right, he let off someone from within his organisation who lied to a jury investigating the source of a leak that endangered somebody's life. And the leak wasn't Libby's boss, Dick Cheney. No chance of that. You almost have to admire Bush for the sheer brazenness of his actions: just how does he get away with all the stuff that he does? He seems to completely ignore the constitution of his country, he has secret torture camps, and there is strong evidence that the USA has committed war crimes in the last few years. If you add in the fact that he wasn't really elected in the first place, shouldn't a country with a democratically-elected leader (lets just say, hmm, Iran) push for UN sanctions or an invasion for regime change? Americans, how do you put up with this shit? Why haven't there been riots in the streets?

While I'm slagging off Americans, here's a fun example of the sort of greedy person that I love seeing getting their comeuppance. I bet she had a massive hissy fit.


Blogger Jenny said...

Out of curiosity, do you have many Americans beside me reading your blog?

I think the whole GW thing is a complicated subject. I think people rallied behind him for awhile because of the 9/11 thing but for the last couple of years his approval ratings have been really low. I think right now his approval rating is only at like 30-ish%.

I can't speak for the rest of my country, but I can speak for myself and it just seems that we're in this huge mess. Do I think something should be done about the mess? Absolutely, but the real question for me is what can possibly be done? Will it lead to a greater mess if we kick GW out of office before his term ends? And would the VP do even better at managing the country? Although there are certainly some who protest and many who speak out against the administration, I would guess that a huge portion of America is feeling complacent and figures that we have to tough out the remainder of GW's term in order to get to a place where we might be able to turn things around. Any which way, though, we will be working ourselves out of this mess for years to come. Whoever will be elected next is going to be in a crappy position.

7:23 am  
Blogger swishfish said...

I don't exactly have a lot of readers full stop, so I suspect that the American contingent is, in fact, you.

9:09 am  

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