Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bible studies

I don't tend to post about religion very often, because it just winds people up unnecessarily, and whilst I like to stir there's no point in delibarately upsetting people...

Anyway, these 3 items get through.

God Map
This is an excellent, and interesting, map of the percentage of the population that believes in God in Europe. It looks like the further east, less "developed", or more conservative your country is, the belief in God is likely to be stronger. The Baltic states have an interesting trend: the further north you go through Lithuania, Latvia, and then Estonia, the more the belief tails off. I wonder why that is? And Ireland clearly bucks the trend with a very stong belief in God. It also looks like fundamentalist Christian rantings about western Europe going to liberal rack and ruin are, well, true...

Biologiests Helping Bookstores
This is a fun blog set up by a biologist who mounts guerrilla missions to move the intelligent design books from the science to religion sections of book shops. Without getting into a full-on debate on the origin of mankind, intelligent design does strike me as a pretty transparent attempt to get religion into science lessons which, as a scientest, I find alarming. There is a place for religion in schools, but not in the science class. The standard argument that the theory of evolution is "only a theory" and needs to be counter-balanced is rubbish; there is as much evidence for evolution as most other scientific "facts": it is like saying that gravity is a theory. Whilst the intelligent design "theory" (read: creationism) remains a philosophical argument, it should stay out of the classroom. Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour of the debate taking place, and have had some really interesting conversations on the topic, but let's not kid ourselves that it is a scientific debate. The BHB blog is a fun way of making a very serious point.

Bible Spilers


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He comes back to life again on the page after.

The map is interesting - it seems to suggest that the more Roman Catholic the country is, the stronger the belief.

12:10 pm  
Blogger Jenny said...

LOL, I love that last picture.

And as for the map of Europe, I wonder what it would be like if you were to map the US. By and large people express religious belief more, but I wonder how tied up it is in the American Dream/prosperity gospel, etc.

1:44 am  

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