Monday, August 27, 2007

Dog days of summer

I've always said that Aberdeen is really, really nice in the summer: warm, sunny, long days, green and blue everywhere. Unfortunately, this summer has not really happened. It's been grey, cool, and wet; September is almost here, so it is getting cooler and darker already. Looks like this last week was the last of the summer, so thankfully it was a good one. The second half of the week was glorious, continuing into a busy weekend for me. Friday was the wedding of a friend from school, Saturday featured Wii and beer, and Sunday consisted of a barbecue (theoretically a 2-year-old girl's birthday party) and some delicious lamb roasted by Mark.

So a pleasant week, including more flat-hunting, means that I have not posted much recently. Oh well. I'm seeing lots of flats, so hopefully I will get one soon. There was a reminder of why I will miss my current flat this week: I came home on Wednesday to find the street full of people, and realised that Scotland were playing their international friendly at Pittodrie, which is at the end of my street. Some people would find having a stadium on their road a pain, but I like it. Besides, It's Aberdeen, who are not renowned for their large or loud crowds of late...


Blogger Jenny said...

As I said on Flickr, that is a very beautiful capture of the sky.

a.) What are you doing hanging around with 2 year-old little girls?

b.) Wii and beer sounds like great fun! You should make your profile pic your Wii Mii, instead of the Southpark guy.

c.) If you like your flat, why are you moving?

d.) This sentence ("I came home on Wednesday to find the street full of people, and realised that Scotland were playing their international friendly at Pittodrie...") makes absolutely no sense to me.

6:28 am  
Blogger swishfish said...

a) Isn't it normal to hang around with 2-year-olds? She's the daughter of a friend, so "uncle Justin" was invited to the BBQ.

b) I have no idea how to get my Mii onto a computer.

c) The kitchen in my flat is a "galley" kitchen, measuring about 3 feet by 8 feet. I want a dining kitchen of 12 feet by 10 or 12 feet. Other than that I love the flat, although I have moved up in the world since I bought it a few years back, so can afford a nicer flat in a nicer neighbourhood.

d) I'll break it down, Niall-style:

I came home: I arrived at my abode

on Wednesday: on the third day of the last working week

to find the street: to discover that the thoroughfare

full of people: teeming with pedestrians

and realised: and deduced, from the crowd of people and the rapidly-filling sports ground at the bottom of my street,

that Scotland: that the international football team of my home country

were playing their international friendly: was engaged in an international non-competitive sports fixture

at Pittodrie: at the aforementioned sports arena situated a stones-throw from my lodgings.

2:42 pm  
Blogger Jenny said...

You make me laugh. :)

1:38 am  

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