Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Modern life is rubbish

I'm going to have a little rant today, but don't worry: I'm not any more bitter or angry at the world than normal today.

It's all about the video below (which I wouldn't bet on lasting on YouTube very long) from this week's X Factor. Now I'm a sucker for the programme: who wouldn't find borderline-mentally-ill people being mocked by Simon Cowell funny? But once in a while, it throws up someone that really makes you wonder what is going on:

This sort of idiot exemplifies a lot of what is wrong in Britain today: the ridiculous sense of entitlement, the terrible attitude, the classless swearing (there is nothing wrong with a bit of cursing in context and with style), the overwhelming ugliness (inside and out), and the ridiculous pursuit of fame. Since when was "fame" a goal in life? When I were a lad, people wanted to be achievable things like doctor, stuntman or astronaut, not abstract or vague things like "famous", "rich", or "bewildered". Kids, being famous is not cool: being a physics teacher is cool.

OK, being famous is cool, and physics teachers are tits. All the same, just remember a few things, youngsters:

- You can't sing. Really. No matter what your horrible mother with her Diana memorial plate collection thinks.
- You can't dance. Really. No matter what your aunt and her 12 cats think.
- Jordan, the glamour model, singer, and all-round arsehole, is not an idol. Michael Jordan probably is.
- Science is not sad. OK, it is, but it's useful. Body-popping is not. OK, it is, but not as useful as science.
- Neither Ant nor Dec are Prime Minister. Everyone knows that Cat Deeley is.
- Star Wars was not always rubbish.


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