Thursday, September 13, 2007

Neither shaken nor stirred

In the last 24 hours, there have been 3 major earthquakes in Indonesia, which the media (BBC and CNN) at least, are describing as being "felt in Malaysia". Sorry, journalists, but this populous corner of Malaysia didn't feel anything. I was out in town and only heard about the "big one" on my return. There have been a few more big tremors since, but there was a distinct lack of quake in the earth here. Disappointing, in a way, as you would expect to feel something if there was a huge earthquake within a few hundred miles.

Aside from the rippling ground and hourly earthquakes, KL has been its usual charming self. A pleasant temperature (i.e. not as cripplingly hot and humid as it can be) has meant that I can wonder around a few of the sites. This morning I had a meeting in the twin towers (surely a better way to see the views than queuing up with the tourists) and tonight I will head across to chinatown for beer, food, and frenzied counterfeit-goods selling. This is my last full night here; my flight home is just before midnight (!) tomorrow.


Blogger Jenny said...

I haven't felt an earthquake in the longest time. Perhaps the last one I felt was when I was living in Jamaica. They hardly ever happen over there, so the Jamaicans were really freaked out, whereas I felt it, thought to myself, "Oh, an earthquake." and then went back to sleep.

They couldn't believe my indifference and calm for the whole thing and, when I explained that I'm from southern California where they're our natural disaster (well, earthquakes and fires) and things like hurricanes freak me out because I don't have experience with them, they thought I was the strangest person alive. How could, they wondered, this girl much prefer to go through earthquakes than a hurricane?

4:00 pm  
Blogger Jenny said...

Safe travels home!

4:00 pm  

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