Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm back, again. Blame the lack of post yesterday on a friend having a new addition to his family and me visiting. Congratulations, Ram.

I'm actually trying to catch up on rest this week after the action of last week. Anyone who knows me is aware that I don't necessarily have a great affinity for exercise, so humping all my belongings up and down stairs, loading vans full of furniture, moving furniture, and building furniture all left me exhausted at the end of the week. Everything went like clockwork during the week, with all deliveries and plans working out nicely. Big props to my parents as well as Mark and Claire, whose assistance stopped me from going mad, making a monumental mess of things, and destroying my back. An example of how I would have coped doing everything alone was given to me when I came to build the bed that was bought in Ikea: to describe me as a sweaty, confused, ball of rage at some points would be accurate. Anyway, I'm all moved in, the house is lovely, the neighborhood excellent, and there is not too much left to do. It all seemed worth it whilst watching HD football with Mark and Claire in my new surroundings on Wednesday. I'll maybe take some pictures over the weekend to post, but that all depends on how knackered I am after paintball for Gauci's birthday on Saturday.

Here's some random stuff to finish off for tonight:

Have you heard of the Bloop? This is really cool: a low-frequency sound in the Pacific that could be from a giant sea-monster. Really.

And have you ever wondered where "OK" came from? Wonder no more.

Finally, here's a neat map of how evolution is taught in America.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yo dudes. I write this from work, which I am now back at after a 1.5 weeks off. As anticipated, the internet took a while to get going at the new place, and I only got it last night. I couldn't post then, as I was playing poker (second place this week), so I'll make a comeback tonight.

My week was made last night when I made, for the first (and probably only) time, a royal flush. I didn't win the whole thing, but still: a royal flush!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hopefully, dear reader, you will excuse my lack of posts recently, as I am deep within the moving process. I will theoretically be getting the internet in the new place tomorrow (my phone line here is being switched off tomorrow as well), but with the delays not ironed out after the postal strike yet that may be a couple of days longer.

So on Friday, although it was a little last minute (thanks, banks, for your inefficient service), I took delivery of one new flat. There's a tinge of sadness, of course, as the house that I am leaving is the first that was my own. I'm looking forward to living in the new place, but it will feel very strange when I leave on Wednesday for the last time as a resident. I'm really happy with the new place, despite all the usual strange lumps on the floors and walls and bad paint/wiring jobs that are hidden by furniture etc. during viewings. That's not entirely unexpected in a building that is over 130 years old, though. The most important (to someone lazy like me) thing is this: I now own a dishwasher.

The next few days will be a combination of finishing off the packing here in the old house, taking delivery of the new furniture, doing the few little bits and pieces that the new flat requires, and taking a trip down to Ikea on Thursday to buy some shiny things. I'm looking forward to getting the sofa in tomorrow so that I can see how big it is: I measured out its footprint on the floor, and it's freaking huge.

This may well be the last you hear from me for a few days, then. I'll leave you with something incredible that I saw on QI on Friday: a moonwalking bird. Kick ass.

PS Radiohead update: the album is a grower, and now I really like it a lot.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tesco vs Denmark

From the excellent Time Trumpet.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Another busy week then, with the house move looming large. I just hope that there is nothing vital to the move being sent by post, as the postal strike could put a big spanner in the works. The highlight of my week was my (fourth straight) victory at poker on Tuesday, with my winning hand being an amazing quad aces. I got to say the line that I have wanted to for a while: "I have 2 pairs: aces and... aces!"

So we are not having an election next month then. I must say that I have been impressed with Gordon Brown so far: his fundamental politics seem sound, and it's a nice change to have a PM who seems to govern on principle rather than style. I'm sure that Labour would have won convincingly. On the other hand, maybe it is good that there will be no election for a year or two, as all the talk of the election seems to have devolved into a Brown versus Cameron contest. People seem to forget that we are voting for a party and for a local representative, not a president. Cameron is a smug prick, though.

In other news, yesterday saw the outcome of the first music file-sharing court case: the defendant was fined $222,000 for sharing 24 specific songs. Now she deserved to be found guilty, as she broke the law (although the fine seems a bit excessive to say the least), but the record companies seem to be falling out of step with the public at large. The rise of iPods and iTunes seem to have caught them off guard, and they are getting defensive and lashing out. For goodness sake, some of the major record companies think that copying your own music to your own computer/iPod is stealing... Interesting that this was the week that Radiohead chose to announce the details of their new album. The band's contract with EMI has run out, and rather than renew it they have decided to self-release the album as a download. The revolutionary aspect of it is that there is no fixed price. You can pay whatever you want for the album, including nothing. I know they are a huge band and can afford to try out things like this, but this does (and the mass media seems to agree) seem to feel like a shifting of the balance of power back towards the artists. How much should we pay, though? Apparently the artist should see about £4 of an album sale, so anything above that is a victory for them. I chose to pay £7 to support the initiative, but could see £5 as a fair amount if this becomes commonplace. You can get the album here.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Now try and lok away...
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