Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm back, again. Blame the lack of post yesterday on a friend having a new addition to his family and me visiting. Congratulations, Ram.

I'm actually trying to catch up on rest this week after the action of last week. Anyone who knows me is aware that I don't necessarily have a great affinity for exercise, so humping all my belongings up and down stairs, loading vans full of furniture, moving furniture, and building furniture all left me exhausted at the end of the week. Everything went like clockwork during the week, with all deliveries and plans working out nicely. Big props to my parents as well as Mark and Claire, whose assistance stopped me from going mad, making a monumental mess of things, and destroying my back. An example of how I would have coped doing everything alone was given to me when I came to build the bed that was bought in Ikea: to describe me as a sweaty, confused, ball of rage at some points would be accurate. Anyway, I'm all moved in, the house is lovely, the neighborhood excellent, and there is not too much left to do. It all seemed worth it whilst watching HD football with Mark and Claire in my new surroundings on Wednesday. I'll maybe take some pictures over the weekend to post, but that all depends on how knackered I am after paintball for Gauci's birthday on Saturday.

Here's some random stuff to finish off for tonight:

Have you heard of the Bloop? This is really cool: a low-frequency sound in the Pacific that could be from a giant sea-monster. Really.

And have you ever wondered where "OK" came from? Wonder no more.

Finally, here's a neat map of how evolution is taught in America.


Blogger Jenny said...

I do not know what to think about the Bloop. Maybe a whale or maybe a machine...definitely not a sea monster.

I had heard that OK thing before.

I think what I find most bizarre about that map is that NY and MA, two very liberal states, have notes saying that they use creationist jargon. Weird. That, and NC and SC have excellent evolutionary teachings. Strange.

1:21 am  
Blogger Jenny said...

I actually really dig this map blog, but wish that the map images were a little more manageable!

1:25 am  
Blogger Nev 360 said...

I heard that OK thing back in January , Green. Get with the times!

Sorry to hear I missed out on all the moving, building and frustrations - still I'll be back next week to enjoy this deluxe new piece of swank. If I can find it...

10:59 pm  

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