Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hopefully, dear reader, you will excuse my lack of posts recently, as I am deep within the moving process. I will theoretically be getting the internet in the new place tomorrow (my phone line here is being switched off tomorrow as well), but with the delays not ironed out after the postal strike yet that may be a couple of days longer.

So on Friday, although it was a little last minute (thanks, banks, for your inefficient service), I took delivery of one new flat. There's a tinge of sadness, of course, as the house that I am leaving is the first that was my own. I'm looking forward to living in the new place, but it will feel very strange when I leave on Wednesday for the last time as a resident. I'm really happy with the new place, despite all the usual strange lumps on the floors and walls and bad paint/wiring jobs that are hidden by furniture etc. during viewings. That's not entirely unexpected in a building that is over 130 years old, though. The most important (to someone lazy like me) thing is this: I now own a dishwasher.

The next few days will be a combination of finishing off the packing here in the old house, taking delivery of the new furniture, doing the few little bits and pieces that the new flat requires, and taking a trip down to Ikea on Thursday to buy some shiny things. I'm looking forward to getting the sofa in tomorrow so that I can see how big it is: I measured out its footprint on the floor, and it's freaking huge.

This may well be the last you hear from me for a few days, then. I'll leave you with something incredible that I saw on QI on Friday: a moonwalking bird. Kick ass.

PS Radiohead update: the album is a grower, and now I really like it a lot.


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By the way, will you post pictures of your new place? Especially your really expensive new couch?

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