Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh, man

It's much warmer here in sunny Oman (muscat, to be precise) at a more-than-pleasant 25C. Looks like we overtook the rain from Saudi, which is scheduled to catch up with us tonight. Boo.

Muscat seems to be a more interesting place than Dammam/Khobar was, with some actual hills and beaches instead of sand and concrete. It will have to go a long way to match the kebabs that we ate in a local Lebanese restaurant over the last few days, though.

This is just a brief visit to Oman, with a single meeting tomorrow meaning that we are in the country for about 30 hours. It's an overnight flight, with a stop in Kuwait, back home tomorrow/Thursday.

By the way, whenever I turn on the TV at the moment, bloody Bush seems to be around to make conversation awkward. He has been pretty close geographically (as close as 20 minutes away) all week. To make my associations clear, I felt that it was safest to walk around talking loudly in a broad wegie accent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muscat was named after the former Rangers player, Kevin Muscat. Bet you never knew that.

10:39 pm  

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