Friday, January 25, 2008

Where the heart is

Following that quick trip to London, I'm back in (literally for once) sunny Aberdeen for a little while. Things are well busy for me at the moment, with a 2-3 week trip to North (Louisiana and Houston) and South (Venezeuala, Trinidad, and Colombia) America coming in mid-February. Up till then I'll be in Aberdeen, and next week is a first for me as I will be chairing (yes, me, chairing!) an oil industry conference. This could be interesting.

London was, as usual, nice. It has that "magnetism" that very few cities (see also New York, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong) posses, where you just know you are somewhere great. Our hotel was in a wonderful location, right behind the Tate Modern and opposite St Paul's. Despite a late arrival (curse you for blocking the runway, BA flight 038) a short wander from the hotel allowed us to take in the sights of central London. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so had to make do with phone pics. Note to self: buy cheap pocket-size camera in duty-free in USA.

As a reward for reading such self-serving nonsense, here is Kongregate, another one of those insanely addictive games. Enjoy.


Blogger Jenny said...

Too bad you'll be too far east when you come to the USA.

4:42 pm  
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