Sunday, February 03, 2008


(Don't worry, no spoilers here)

I saw Cloverfield this afternoon, and boy is this film going to divide people. I won't go into any detail, as it is best to see it with as little knowledge as possible, but I will say "wow". I loved this film, which is chock-full of energy, innovation, and excitement. There will be loads of other film-makers cursing themselves for not coming up with something similar: like the Blair Witch Project, this can only be done successfully once. The special effects were extraordinary, and (this sounds strange, considering the subject matter) all-in-all this was one of the most "realistic" films that I have ever seen in terms of storyline, character reaction, and character interaction. Lots of people will be put off by the shaky camera work and the central MacGuffin of the film: the audience reaction seemed slightly mixed to me. All I can say is that I was transfixed from start to finish; this is a brilliant and pioneering film.


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