Thursday, February 07, 2008


So it's almost certain to be this guy:

Against this woman:

McCain is home free now, and for boring and complex reasons the Democrat race is not as tight as it seems. Shame, as McCain will surely beat Clinton easily. He's not necessarily going to do great things for the American image...

On a slightly-related note, here's a very prescient article written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1983. Scarily applicable now, no? The more I read by Vonnegut, the more I like him. Maybe I'll pick up something by him to read when I'm away.

On Monday i head off for a 3-week trip to the Americas, with 6 days in Lafayette, Louisiana followed by time in Venezuela, Colombia, and Trinidad. All the travel may be a little grueling (Bogota to Trinidad may have to be via Miami!), but hey, it's a trip to foreign climes that I don't have to pay for. I'm looking forward to having some nice barbecue and Cajun food in Lafayette.

Further ahead, I had a nice bonus for my own holiday this week. I intend to join Simon in some of his mullet hunting on the US west coast later on in the year, and had been hoping to do it on air miles from all this traveling. I thought I needed 100,000 miles: wrong. I "only" need 50,000 for a round-trip from Aberdeen to Los Angeles, and as I am already at 51,000 I am there. So any more miles can go towards something else. Sweet.

Finally, here's something awesome off YouTube: the Owl Song.


Blogger Jenny said...

When you two come to the west coast, you'll have to look me up. Bring Niall, too.

6:42 pm  

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