Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hey dudes. As per my last post, I'm still busy, busy Justin.

Two weeks ago was Norway. A day in Bergen was followed by 3 in Stavanger, which I have only briefly visited previously. It was nice to get a look around, and the city was, well, nice. Nice and compact (around 100,000 inhabitants), everything in the city centre was within walking distance of our hotel. Due to the ridiculous costs in Norway, that hotel cost £220 a night, and a main course cost from £15 to £30. Fancy a pint? That'll be £7, please. I'm glad I got to go there with work instead of on my dollar... We had an afternoon free to have a look around the city (some pictures here), but the weather decided to thwart us by first snowing and then raining. Maybe it'll be sunny next time.

Last week was London. This trip was a bit stressful for a number of reasons. On Wednesday morning I had a meeting in Sunbury, near London. Or so I thought. When we arrived at the alloted time our client said that they weren't expecting us until the next day. Oops, I had switched the days in the schedule. This led to a hectic dash towards Reading to try and not be too late for the meeting that I was supposed to be at. Only to be told, upon calling the client to apologise for running late, that they were actually in London and my office had told me the wrong location (and company, but that's a whole different story). So at 1130 we arrived for our 0900 meeting in a building less than 20 minutes from our hotel. Which we had left at 0700. To compound matters, on the way home on Thursday we got caught up in the aftermath of the security scare and I didn't walk through my door until midnight. A fairly hectic week, then. On the plus side, London was its usual iconic self, and at my colleague's urging we went on the London Eye. I don't know why I was so hesitant, as it was amazing. We went on at sunset, and saw the city transform from day to night in a beautiful panorama all around us. Pictures here. I don't really like heights, so the top was a bit scary, but the rest was excellent. Thoroughly recommended.

No more trips for at least a couple of weeks then. Maybe I'll get a chance to get my ass in gear and do all the things that I need to here in Aberdeen.


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