Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sebastien Tellier blew a lot of people (myself included) away a couple of years ago with a song called La Ritournelle. You can listen to it here as you read my witterings if you like:

Lovely stuff, eh? Like Unfinished Sympathy but French. Unfortunately, the album that it came off was seriously bad. It had oompah music, and sounded like it was made by a Belgian, even though he is French. It was all over the place, quality-wise, and is certainly not a pleasure to listen to.

He recently released a new album, Sexuality, that is way better. That's not to say it is a masterpiece, but at least there is a consistent and coherent sound. I suspect that this comes from being produced by one half of Daft Punk. Sexuality is basically an 80s-influenced synth-pop album, and I daresay it will sound terrific on a summer day later in the year. It's nothing very substantial, but I like a bit of leftfield pop like this so can recommend giving it a listen.

Anyway, I should probably get round to the point of this post, shouldn't I? One of the tracks, Divine, leapt out as being in the best 3 or 4 on the album. And this weekend I hear that it is the French entry into Eurovision. Seriously. Vaguely credible pop music up against a turkey (literally) from Ireland. Bizarre. Here it is if you want to hear it. Apologies for the spinning French Flag, which nobody should have to look at, but there does not seem to be an actual video yet.


Blogger Simon Varwell said...

The video to La Ritournelle is rubbish. He needs to get a new producer.

Divine is quite cool, however. Must explore the album.

10:01 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

The radio edit of La Ritournelle (the one with an actual video) is not so good, so I was "keeping it real" by linking the original.

10:40 pm  

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