Monday, May 05, 2008

Erm, hello

Well well, look who came crawling back...

In my favour, I have had a very busy time at work recently, including a trip to Saudi Arabia. That's not really an excuse for my ongoing neglect of this place, particularly as I have had 2 4-day weekends in a row now.

So, what's up? I'm fine, thanks. Aberdeen is lovely and light again, and spring has finally sprung. Contrary to forecasts, the bank holiday weekend here has been stunning, and it has been a nice warm day here today. Here are some warm-looking pictures to prove that winter is gone:
Long and winding roadFlowerBright coloursGothicToweringTree

It's not, of course, quite as warm as Saudi was. There it was almost 40 Celsius, which is a bit much for a pasty-faced Brit like me. Every time that I go there, it strikes me more and more that the perception of the country is very different to the reality. It really seems to be pretty moderate and western, the people are really nice, and there was no censorship on the internet or TV (including very negative reports on the treatment of women in the country on BBC World) that I could see. But it still comes down to the women: when I thought about it, I realised that I did not see a single female on the street, in the hotel, or in a restaurant. Inside Saudi Aramco does not count, as it is effectively a western company, but it's hard to escape from the fact that women really are subjugated in the country. This makes it hard to praise the country too much, and I have to admit that it always feels good to be back in "safe, normal" Europe.

Here's some other random stuff:

The best name ever?

An excellent synopsis of why I don't do Facebook:

A map of the area of Sahara desert that would have to be covered in solar panels to power various countries (D=Germany, EU25=EU, Welt=World). Doesn't look particularly big, does it? It is a freaking massive area to cover with solar panels, though.

Finally, Lost is back, back, back. Rather than being 3 days behind the US, we are now 10 days, but at least it gives us a clear run to the end of the series (our US friends will have a week's gap before the finale). The first episode after the break was a humdinger, and if the pace is anything to go by, the next few episodes should be a treat. As a fun aside, Weebl's Stuff (home of Kenya) think that Lost lacks a title sequence, so have made one of their own. Watch it here, it's really good.

P.S. I am now the king of the Justin Greens:
Top of the table


Blogger Jenny said...

a.) that LOST title sequence makes it look like a half-hour comedy-action show.

b.) that Facebook clip is funny. But what is even funnier is that you call it "Maths class."

5:57 pm  
Blogger Kornelia said...

Hey, what a surprisingly perfect Aberdonian pics... :) When did you find a sky like that? I saw it ocassionally , only a couple of times last year...
Anyway, I feel it's a nice place in the Web, so I'll come back :)

1:14 pm  
Blogger Simon Varwell said...

Love the Lost intro, and the Facebook clip.

Enough to put you off both of them...

8:53 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

When did Lost start back?

11:15 pm  

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