Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Alright, dudes? The return to blogging wasn't as consistent as hoped, and my first busy week has led to a nice big gap below… As an experiment, I'm going to try going all modern and integrating twitter in with this blog. I've signed up to twitter (swishfish, if you're interested), and later on today (and hopefully every day) a post will pop up here summarising my ramblings (tweets, as I believe they are rather cornily called) of the day. Twitter should work nicely as it will effectively be a little stream of "mini posts" like links that I accumulate over the weeks and never bother to post. I'm still planning on doing "proper" posts as often as I can, which may be mainly at weekends/When I can be arsed sitting down for an hour or so to write something. Of course, the twitter thing could turn out to be both rubbish and annoying, in which case it will be back to the same old same old here. I'll give it a try, anyway.

Some of the highlights of what's been keeping me busy include a trip to Perth last weekend with Niall and Simon to see the Mighty County in a cup final (pictures to come when I can find one or two good ones and upload them to Flickr…), and Niall's birthday bash on Saturday. The cup final was fun enough, but with cold weather and a defeat on penalties the day felt a little deflating. The match was good enough, though: County played well for two-thirds of it, but were eventually useless at the penalties; the highlight was the half-time under-13 penalty run-from-the-halfway-line-and-shoot-in-10-seconds competition, where Airdrie all seemed to be about a foot taller than the apparently under-5 County team: the Airdrie players just wandered up and lobbed the poor 3-foot goalie. Niall's party dominated this weeked. After a night out with some current and former colleagues on Friday, snowy Aberdeen saw a motley crew of misfits arrive on Saturday, with Martin, Karen, and Julie all staying at mine on Saturday. The shindig itself went very well, with a friendly atmosphere and a lovely time had by all. Alcohol levels varied from Stan sober to Cheesman pished and others beyond. Highlights of the night included the owl competition and, if I do say so myself, the stunning DJ set by one J. Green. Niall, who has a number of, lets say, "quirks", invited attendees to bring an owl-related gift for him, which would be entered into a competition to find the finest. My balsa-wood owl was nice enough, but not in the same league as my 2 favourites, which finished second and third: a tremendous owl cake (with almond feathers) and the Guyans' magnificent knitted owl. That was the first party that I've attended where the presents were going to be competitively judged against each other… As I said, a good time seemed to be had by all, and the Sunday brunch gathering that added Simon, Mark, and Claire to the aforementioned lodgers was jolly and tasty. I think Niall is actually not officially past his prime until tomorrow, so enjoy your last day of youth: it's all cynicism and hatred from here on in. Unless you happened to be like that already, in which case it's business as usual… Anyway, happy birthdat tomorrow, "Nev".


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