Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 to 2009

Hello. That twitter thing didn't really work. For some reason it only puts posts up here intermittently. Shame.

Hopefully everyone has had a good holiday period. I've had almost 3 weeks off (my longest holiday in years) and had a nice quiet Christmas and a relatively busy New Year. Christmas with the family was about good food, pretty views, and near-murder during competitive board games. For Hogmanay, a small posse traveled down to Fife for a pleasant evening of poker, drink, and merriment. Some pictures from the Highlands here and Fife here.

So, 2008. An interesting year that seemed to fly by. Very busy at work, less so at home. I continued to have the luck of travel around the world with work, and adding in personal holidays 2008 saw me visit London (twice), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stavanger (thrice), Louisiana, the Lake District, Istanbul, the US west coast, the Scottish West Coast, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands. As per usual with my work, various plans did not come to fruition, so in 2009 I can expect to be in some, all, or none of Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Venezuela, Argentina, Malaysia, London, Egypt, and Norway. I'm supposed to be off to Kazakhstan in a little over a week's time, but to be honest I don't see that one happening.

So, 2009. The year between the classic 2008 and the hotly-anticipated 2010. What will it bring? Hopefully some more photos from me; this year I need to try and take my "instinct-based" style (which relies a little too much on the camera doing things for me) to something a little more technically-sound. I need to hope that my Dad's back gets better so that we can do the long-planned refit of my bathroom. Other than that, I'll just wait and see what heppens. Probably nothing.


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