Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What have I been doing?

In short, nothing groundbreaking.

In long, but not too long:

In January I was ill. This doesn't happen very often but I felt crap for a while, but not as crap as French Claire who seemed to have tuberculosis.

From mid-January to mid-February I honestly can't remember what I did, which tells you all you need to know. There were a few good drunken nights with various good folks; Mark and Claire in particular were a bad influence on my binges. Red wine is lovely, isn't it? I did cook some lovely ribs and lamb (seperate meals, although now you're suggesting it that is not a bad idea), rode my dad's awesome new convertible Mercedes SLK, and watch Lost.

Lost is back, baby, and is becoming even more of a mind-fuck than ever. That's not a bad thing, and to sweeten it they are answering loads of good questions. And hasn't Ben cemented his place as one of the great TV characters?

The last 3 weeks have seen a couple of trips away from home. First was London. This was for work meetings and a presentation. The talk was probably my highest-profile to date, for a seminar run by the SPE. To top it off it was at the Geological Society in Pucadilly. For a geologist (or for that matter many scientests) this was a big thing. I was talking from the same stage, in the same lecture theatre, that Darwin had, as well as any other number of household-name scientists. This was the room that plate tectonics was proposed in and agreed upon; where debates raged on evolution and the origin of life; where my science and others were founded. Having said that, I didn't really concentrate on that and gave (if I say so myself) a good talk.

London also allowed me to take in my first-ever English football match, and to catch up with a couple of ex-Aberdonians. Fulham's FA Cup fifth-round replay against Swansea happened to fall on my free evening in London, so I went along. Reasonably-priced at £20, the match was good without being great, and it was a nice stadium with friendly fans. I chatted away to the guy next to me, and he pointed out an old geezer a couple of rows in front who was in his 90s and had missed 7 home games in 75 years. That's commitment... On my other evening I caught up with Gauci and Marsh over a good burger (with habanero sauce and pink in the middle) and a couple of pints. Both were on good form. Some photos of LDN are on my Flickr page.

Finally, 2 weeks ago I spent the week in Houston for work. It basically consisted of me doing talks (I was on good form), drinking beer (Shiner Bock is excellent), and not managing to finish off huge plates of food. I managed to smuggle a new Mac and some form of food poisoning through customs.

So there we are. Back to the present. Upcoming is a trip to the Middle East next week for a couple of weeks. That may or may not be fun. I'll wait and see.

This has certainly made my bus journey fly. I'm only 5 minutes from home now. Curry and poker await.


Blogger Jenny said...

What happened to the pictures of the poker winners?

2:12 am  
Blogger Simon Varwell said...

7 home games in 75 years? That's astonishing! Something for Danny Baker I am sure, if he does not already know about it.

9:32 am  
Blogger swishfish said...

Jenny: I don't know. That died a death for no good reason.

11:08 am  

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