Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dis n dat

Hey hey, peeps. It's been a quiet weekend for me here, a little boring if truth be told. This does not lead to good blog fodder... It's chocolate bunny weekend, but Aberdeen does not follow the English bank holidays so it is our holiday next weekend. It's been an excellent couple of weekends for my friends, with one baby born, another confirmed to be on the way, and an engagement announced. You know who you are, so proper congratulations to you all.

Easter weekend had 2 much-hyped sci-fi TV events: Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. Who was, as usual, excellent Nice set-up at the end for the final Tennant episodes at the end of the year. Red Dwarf, on the other hand, has disappointed so far. I wasn't expecting very much, to be honest, but it has managed to under-deliver. A comedy without laughs is never a good thing. Actually, that's not quite true: there has been one laugh per episode so far, with the photo enhancement gag very well done. Pretty much everything else didn't work. The plot is weak (stolen from the League of Gentlemen film!), the writing poor, and the actors certainly look their age. The last episode, on tonight, is going to have to be very good indeed to rescue the mess.

The Somalian piracy stories have been big news recently, with a high-profile rescue just tonight. This article from the Independent is a fascinating read, comparing current events to olde piracy and suggesting that there may be a more complex story here, and that the pirates may not be the simple "evil guys" that they are being painted as.

Quick product review: Pepsi Raw. This is a new drink from Pepsi following the heartening recent trend for "real" ingredients in processed food. Sainsbury's have priced it temptingly cheaply, and tempt me they did. This drink is a big step up from the equally "natural" Red Bull Cola, which I was not too big a fan of. Pepsi Raw tastes nice: different but similar to the mainstream brands, with a very pleasant syrupy-liquorice finish. I'll certainly buy more.

Finally, Royksopp have a new album out. On first listen Im pretty impressed. They have moved back towards the sound of the first album, whilst maintaining the shiny production values of the second. I like. Here's the fun video for the lead single:


Blogger Jenny said...

For someone who has not much going on, you have a lot to write about! I have the opposite: too much going on and not that much to write about! But I was convicted by my cousin at our family's Easter celebration yesterday - he claims that he "doesn't know me anymore..." So sad!

7:45 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

Or, to put it less politely, I can take a little and make it go a very, very long way...

Your way seems better.

10:46 pm  

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