Sunday, April 05, 2009


Happy Sunday, peeps. Today I'm going to post a heap of links that I have accumulated recently and have started to clog up my bookmarks bar. Old-skool Swish!

First up is ZOMBO. I only came upon it this week, but apparently it's been on the go for over 10 years. Zombo is now one of my favorite sites on the internet. I won't spoil it, just turn your sound on and enjoy. See how long it hypnotises you for, and if you can resist leaving it on in the background for hours.

Shatner sings Rocketman. This guy is a proper genius.

An amazing ultra-high-resolution panorama of London.

Daft Punk soundboard
. Copy the Kanye West song and have literally minutes of fun.

Type in a location of your choice and select the weapon (from nukes to asteroids) to see how large the area of devastation is. Conclusion: man-made weapons have nothing on extraterrestrial objects.


This is excellent: Star Wars retold by someone who has never seen it.

Random recipe generator. Very funny, and it's easy to just sit there hitting refresh to get more.

Weird examples of mass hysteria. It's a proper scientific concept and really freaky.

Enough time has gone by so that anyone who wants to see The Happening already has. That was a stinker of a film, which I would describe as the worst I'd ever seen at the cinema if it wasn't for the fact that it was (unintentionally) fucking hilarious. Plus Babel exists. Anyway, this spoiler-filled review is bang-on, funny, and well worth a read. I urge you to see the film if you get a chance: it is the most inept piece of mainstream film-making that I have ever seen.

Finally, one of my heroes, Charlie Brooker, sums up nightclubs exactly right.


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