Friday, March 19, 2010

Listen up people

There Will Be Blood is on sale at HMV for £3. There is no excuse for not owning this film.


Blogger Nev 360 said...

What about the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the average wage per capita is approx £120/year, and the DVD costs ten days' earnings (besides access to a DVD player of correct region)? Besides, after a brutal civil war, there may not be such a thirst for a such titled DVD.

9:18 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

Yes, and the shipping to DRC would be multiples of the cost of the product itself, making it even further out of reach. I should think before I post; I will scrap my review of an edible Koran made of bacon and Jews.

5:57 pm  
Blogger Claire said...

That movie impressed, and the title is great fun to say menacingly, too.


3:19 pm  
Blogger swishfish said...

And you can have fun working out where to place the emphasis:
THERE will be blood
there WILL be blood
there will BE blood
there will be BLOOD

All are good, as is the film. Possibly my favourite of all time.

7:05 pm  

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