Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another policy checker

Following on from my earlier election post, I was directed to Votematch, which is another site where you can answer policy questions and see who you are closest to politically. Importantly, this one includes all the parties, and allows (even instructs) you to deselect those parties that you are not considering voting for. I therefore tried it out only comparing Labour, Liberal Democrat, and SNP.

The outcome was interesting. As I suspected, the results from Vote For Policies had been influenced by the lack of SNP; the Greens were, in my case, a left-wing substitute (indeed, I even selected the Conservative environmental policy!). My task for the first half of this week is to read the SNP manifesto, which was launched ridiculously late. It's becoming clear to me that my choice will be between Liberal Democrat and SNP. Labour haven't massively impressed me so far, the Conservatives have flat-out unimpressed me, the Liberal Democrats have impressed me, and I must admit that I don't know enough about the SNP yet. When I have informed myself, the question may be: policy or tactics? In my constituency the SNP are a distant third, and the Lib Dems have a decent chance of unseating Labour. If I come out in favour of the SNP, do I vote for the Liberal Democrats anyway?

We'll see. Try out Votematch here or in the little widget below. I don't think that these things should tell you how to vote, but are an excellent "hopping off" point to focus your research in the right direction. Importantly, they help cut through the political dogma that Labour and the Conservatives are the only "real" choices by removing the artifice.


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