Sunday, May 23, 2010


So Lost finally finishes in the early hours of tomorrow morning. 97.3% of the world's population will sigh with relief and mutter "thank fuck", hoping that their one sad Lost friend doesn't hear them and start off into a lecture about how it's all really clever, about time travel, and that Locke IS THE SMOKE MONSTER!!!!!!!111!!! The remaining 2.7% are in comas, doo-lally, or are really looking forward to it. Sometimes more than one of them. I'm waiting with baited breath, hoping that it is worth all the effort over recent years; I've not been the greatest fan of this series and was ambivalent (at best) about last week's Jacob episode.

Anyway, to prepare for the end/The End, here are 2 great Lost videos. Firstly, the theme tune that somebody wishes Lost had (and me, too; it's genius and a great parody of US TV), and secondly all 6 series of Lost explained by cats in a minute. Enjoy.


Blogger Simon Varwell said...

I quite liked Jacob: The Early Years.

There was a bit missing still from his backstory, and Smokey, and so there needed to be something to fill that gap. Not sure it was the best tone (a bit fantasyish) but series 6 does expect a certain suspension of disbelief.

Looking forward to the finale. Also really, really hope it's been worth it.

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